Pioneer of the Mind

Pioneer of the Mind

Albert Ellis and the cognitive therapy revolution. Bill Knaus, Ph.D., invites a panel of guest bloggers—including Jon Carlson, Pam Garcy, and Irwin Altrows—to pay tribute to Ellis.

An Essential Way to Teach Children to Be Healthy and Happy

Giulio Bortolozzo gives a prescription for child resilience.

Mental Karate for Kids

A powerful program to help kids lead healthy, happy, lives

Generosity: Acts of Kindness

Gayle Rosellini on finding kindness in unexpected places

Stop Enabling Now

Pam Garcy on how to avoid the addiction enabler trap

Bouncing Back After Injury or Loss

Sam Klarreich on recovering from depression.

Are There ‘Legitimate Reasons’ for Procrastinating?

How to punch holes in phony excuses for delays

Mental Magic

Ed Garcia relates pearls of wisdom from poems and proverbs.

Making Positive Life Altering Changes

Nosheen Khan on growing through enlightened reasoning

Protect Yourself From Yourself

How to stop sabotaging yourself

Combatting Anger Thinking

Irwin Altrows on how to calm yourself down

Combatting the 'I’m Powerless' Myth

Jon Carlson on a responsible path to a happy life

Beyond Adversity

Build resiliency against self-inflicted miseries

Breaking an Anxiety, Depression, Perfectionism, Connection

Russ Grieger on a sure-fire antidote for stopping cerebral fictions

Think Your Way to Happiness

John Minor on a great way to fulfill a life