French Kids Don't Have ADHD?

French Kids Don't Have ADHD?

The epidemic of ADHD is firmly established in the U.S., but it has almost completely passed over children in France. But why?

Are We An ADHD Culture?

A thoroughly modern dilemma.

No ADHD in France?

It isn't surprising that ADHD is commonly diagnosed in the USA but not France.

Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD

ADHD is a cultural construction.

French Kids Do Have ADHD

Its not just kids in the U.S. An interview with Elias Sarkis M.D.

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Teach happiness and the pleasant life.

The "ADHD Personality": Its Cognitive, Biological, and Evolutionary Foundations

For good evolutionary reasons, some people are highly impulsive.

ADHD and School: The Problem of Assessing Normalcy in an Abnormal Environment

ADHD diagnoses derive from schools' intolerance of normal human Diversity.

Experiences of ADHD-Labeled Kids Who Switch from Conventional Schooling to Homeschooling or Unschooling

These kids and parents manage ADHD better without conventional schooling.

Adults with ADHD in Hollywood? Shocker.

Mental health is a challenging field in Los Angeles.

Retention: “It’s Just What We’ve Always Done"

Is holding students back worth its associated negatives? Is there a better way?

Acting on Impulse

Why do children do what they do?

Anti-DSM Sentiment Rises in France

Why French psychiatrists and psychoanalysts are opposed to the diagnostic manual

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Deferring to kids' whims is not the way to a peaceful home.

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Thinking of 'mental illness' as more than just illness.

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