Top 25 List: August 2012

Top 25 List: August 2012

Here's a snapshot of the best reads for the month.

High Time to Destigmatize Psychedelics

After 50 years, the research is being revived.

Yes, Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious Beings

Didn't we already know this? Yes, we did.

What Caffeine Really Does to Your Brain

How caffeine affects our body is widely misunderstood.

My Favorite Unromantic Theories of Love

Fascinating studies uncover the secrets of who we're attracted to and why.

Why It’s Hard to Let Go of Clutter

A new brain imaging study finds that letting go is literally painful.

Why Rape Victims Are More Likely To Get Pregnant

Human females do not have a defense against rapists' sperm.

What Those with Chronic Pain Don't Want to Hear

Some comments are unhelpful or hurtful.

Why Nice People Cling to Bad Boys (or Girls)

Are you clinging to a narcissist?

32 Things You Can Learn From Porn

Porn contains valuable lessons that sex educators teach.

Perceptions of Open Relationships

Challenging myths about consensual non-monogamy

What Is Love?

The amazingly diverse, complex, and even messy realities of human relationships.

Do Religious People Have a Hotter Sex Life?

Religious prudes are often consumed by sexual obsessions.

Jonah Lehrer Charmed Me, Then Lied

What his betrayal of our trust reveals about popular science writing.

Why I'm Not Into You

Selective desire: wanting anyone BUT the one you're with

The Perils of Premarital Cohabitation

Why are couples who cohabitate more likely to divorce?

Why Publishers Don't Fact-Check Books

A publisher can fact-check a 4,000-word article. Not a 100,000-word book.

Social Rejection Can Fuel Creativity

Social rejection fuels creativity for people with an independent mindset.

Dating: A Numbers Game

An overabundance of men and its financial consequences.

In Relationships, Respect May Be Even More Crucial than Love

Love is not all you need, consider respect.

Five Reasons to Study Psychology

Psychology is a useful and employable degree

8 Minutes to a Longer Life

Our sedentary lifestyles are literally killing us

Meditation Part I

What kind of meditation is right for you?

Put Positive Psych to Work for You

Steps to help you achieve long-term fulfillment.