The Presidential Election

The Presidential Election

The race to determine our next leader may help us understand ourselves a little better.

How Presidential Background Counts

Americans like success, but dislike privilege

Advertising Arts

Do political ads sway voters?

Swing the Vote

The curious science of ballot-casting.

Can an Introvert Really be President?

How voters really judge their leaders.

Psychological Interview with Barack Obama

Uncovering the psyche of Barack Obama

We Need a Bipolar President

A Bipolar Solution To Our Bipolar Economy

Here We Go Again: Another "Mr. President"

Here We Go Again: Another "Mr. President"

Thriving Organizations Have Thanks-giving From Below and Hands Off From Above

What leaders enhance to build families, companies, and countries that thrive.

What Prince Harry, Dumb American Politicians and Charlie Sheen Have in Common

Which is worse: if they're naked? Or if their ideas about women are medieval?

Where the Presidency Got Off Track

The President and Speaker were hot and heavy. . .then. . .

Promises, promises

A cartoon on how to understand what politicians say.

The Character Campaign: Obama v. Romney

The battle of the emotional isolates

Can You Guess the Greatest (and Worst) U.S. Presidents?

Can you can pick the best and worst US Presidents?

Charisma and Presidential Success: Lessons from Reagan, Clinton, and Obama

Is Obama a successful President? Why it might not matter.

Do Presidents Lie?

How are great liars and great leaders alike?

Sex and the Single Voter: 2012 Edition

The Republican war on singles, science, women, and democracy

Why I’m a Registered “None”

My struggle to become a “No party preference”

You know that sex sells--do you know why?

Activation in the nucleus accumbens makes people take more risk

We Can't Handle the Truth - Give Us Good Narratives

If we're okay with killing bin Laden and family/friends, how about owning it?

The Right to Life: a Specious Argument

An exposition of right-wing rhetoric and sexism perpetrated upon women

Freud Had It Right About Leaders

Our presidents' emotional traits have huge impact on America.

Just Because Paul Ryan Is Hot, Does That Mean He Is Also Objectified?

My eyes are up here! And those eyes are dreamy…

The Glee Market

Optimism can stimulate a bleak economy.

Are You a Mac or a Mac User? How the Language of Identity Persuades

Who you are is more important than what you do

America Needs Political Shock Therapy

Our politics are polarized and need a reset

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

The most important thing is to remember the most important thing.