Highlights from August 4 to August 10

Highlights from August 4 to August 10

It's been a great week. Here's a list of the best posts, from the Olympian mindset, tears and all, to urban design and the allure of childhood homes.

Crying: An Olympic Event?

London 2012: "The Crying Games"

Finding Your Way to the London Olympics

Good urban design is based on good neuroscience

For Olympians and the Ordinary, Mindset Matters

The mind, as much as the muscles, drives sport success

The Lipstick Effect

The sexual economics of lipstick

Dating: Why it Really Is a Numbers Game

An overabundance of men in a population has financial consequences

A Chronic Lack of Awe

Where do adults––and children––derive a sense of awe in the contemporary world?

Home Is Where the Head Is

How do we choose a home?