Food for Thought

Food for Thought

The things you eat affect your brain.

The Far Reach of Fast Food

Could bad behavior result from the way we eat?

Non-Alcoholic Beer Helps You Sleep

It’s not the alcohol, it’s the hops.

The Flavor of Cleverness

Chocolate enriches our power to meet mental challenges.

Brain Defenders

Eat to protect the brain from stroke damage.

What Every Organization (And Each of Us) Should Learn from Penn State

Mistakes made by even well-meaning organizations and individuals every day

Fried Chicken and Ethics—What Grandma Taught Me

When we model for children are we killers or saints?

Moms in the workplace

Juggling children, families, and working outside the home

Avoiding meat on Mondays

Health benefits with political costs

Gluten Sensitivity: Nonsense or New Disease?

The psychopathology in that Artisan Loaf.

Chronic Pain and Resveratrol: The Pleasure of Relief

Three comfort foods to keep you healthy.

Romney and Race

Cultural Darwinism is presently as simpleminded as eugenics once was

How your friends' food choices affect your own eating

Your friends' food choices may influence how much you eat

How Doctors Die

A Shrink's Reply

Children of the World

Human overpopulation benefits no one

Superheroes: Here’s How To Boost Your Superpowers!

Real physical strength helps you more than fantasy strength

Good Grief

Celebrating the Sorrows of Life

The Best Brain Food May Not Be a Food

This activity will improve your brain health.

Freudian Slip Cartoon—That's What She Said

A cartoon about the game of Life: do you choose food or love?

Zinc and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Many autistic children are deficient in this vital mineral.

Nutrition and Chronic Pain

You ache what you ate.

Biochemically Connected to God; Part 2: Meditation and the Super-Conscious Mind

American exceptionalism has been enlarged by Asian influences.

Does Vegetarianism Make You Dumber?

Creatine supplements may improve memory for vegetarians.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Plate

How social cues can affect our eating


APA Media Psychology Division (46) 2011 Award Recipients

The Halo Effect: An Example of Marketing Genius that Can Derail Diets

Two food marketing tricks that prey on your guilt.

Buy this now

A banquet of products to make you skinny

How Your Personality Can Help You Lose Weight

Channel your personality strengths and weaknesses into successful weight loss.

Mood Food

Eating for happiness

Why Do You Say You Want to Lose Weight But Then Don’t Do It

What to do when your intentions don't match your actions

Five Simple Tricks for Healthier Eating

Healthier food choices for you and your kids may be just a label away.

Put Some Mindfulness Into Your Eating

5 ways to eat less by thinking more

How to Eat Smart

What you eat affects your brain.