The Power of the Unconscious

The Power of the Unconscious

The altered state of mind.

Freud, Jung and their Complexes

Freud, Jung and their Complexes

Are Men Shallow?

A wealthy man's high dating standards may have an evolutionary basis.

Daydreams and Decision-Making Part II -- Decoding Hidden Meanings

Understanding hidden messages in daydreams can help with difficult decisions.

Do Names and Labels Affect a Dog's Behavior?

Is it harmful to assign personality traits to your dog?

The Psycho-Logic of Dreams (Pt 1 of The "Logical Illogic" of the Psycho-Logical)

How does their very illogic make dreams the "royal road to the unconscious"?

5 Freewriting Secrets for Being a "Genius"

These 5 tips enhance freewriting to generate more ideas.

Cool Art Therapy Intervention #2: Active Imagination

Art Therapy Prime Directive: Stick with the image. That’s it. Really.

Look Back on Your Childhood: The Better Marriage Project Part II

The subconscious impacts of early relationships can undermine your marriage.

The Neuroscience of Regret

How our brains learn to let go of regret as we age — and why some people don't

Hot sauce and synchrony

Learning how to share

Dreams and Reality

Dreaming intersects with waking life.

Memories Lodged in a Broken Brain

Post-brain-attack, an author finds way to make sense of his life.

Opening your happiness valve

Harnessing your mind/body chemistry factory

5 Ways to Tap into Your Intuition

Logic's great, but it's not always enough.

Adjusting to Being Single Again: What We Can Tell by Listening for Just 30 Seconds

Listen for 30 sec now, and you can predict 3 months from now

Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: What is the "Shadow"?

Understanding the "dark side" of our psyche.

Reading The Red Book: How C.G. Jung Salvaged His Soul

Is the Red Book a record of Jung's flirtation with madness?

Dangerous Extremes: Introversion, Dreams and the Madness of Mass Murder

Can too much introversion (or extraversion) be hazardous to mental health?

The devil wears Prada: Is that why she is so unhappy?

Luxury consumption signals status and feels good. So what's the problem?

Before-and-After Medical Records

Are healing claims documented?

The How-Tos of Hypnosis

The basics of hypnosis, explained

Seeding your Blog

Inspiration for psych-writers grows on many trees

First Impressions Can Be Lasting Ones

Sometimes "what's inside" isn't all that counts.

Who is the Puppet Master of Your Story?

Weird: my subconscious drove the motivation of my fictional characters

Hacking Creativity

Unlocking the jujitsu of innovation

INCEPTION: Art, Dream and Reality

A cinematic meditation on the elusive nature of reality.

The Politics Of Paranoia

Paranoia and politics is a toxic mix

The Lady Across the Lake

How nature stimulates creativity and community — for children and adults

Ride to the Stars

How to get inspired!

Smile Your Way Out of Stress?

A new study finds even a phony smile can help you handle stress

Seeking Authenticity

And the path to true happiness

You Are (Probably) Wrong About You

The truth is, we don't know ourselves nearly as well as we think we do

The Most Dangerous Word in the World

This word can damage both the speaker’s and listener’s brain!

Einstein’s Question: Is the Universe Friendly?

This is the 20th in the series "Religion and Science: A Beautiful Friendship"

Eight Keys to Life Hardiness and Resiliency

Helpful Reminders During Challenging Times

Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Ninety Percent of High Performers Possess High EQ

How I Found Ecstasy In Depression

Depression can help us to find beauty in every moment.

Home Again

Like a sea turtle, I found myself called back to my birth place.

Liars, Cheats, and Writers: The Case of Jonah Lehrer

Fake quotes, fact-checking, and why human justice requires us to chase chickens.

Developing Belief Systems About Education: It Takes a Village

What children believe plays a crucial role in their education.

I Will Have What She's Having: Feeling Left Out and Buying Social Acceptance.

Being snubbed can cause people to do and buy almost anything.

The Integral Vision: A Comprehensive View of Matter, Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit

There's no instruction manual, but what if there were a map?

Failed Replications of Classic Social Psychology Studies

List of failures to replicate classic social psychology studies

The God spot revisited

Spirituality arises as an evolved function of the brain

When You're Smiling (the whole world buys your toothpaste).

A Duchenne smile makes people feel good, which leaks over to products.

Avoiding Collisions: The Unconscious Mind at Work

New study reveals how our unconscious mind works to prevent collisions.

What Color Best Represents Who You Are?

What color captures the essence of your personality?

How Many of Your Memories are False?

Learn how easy it is to create false memories.

Dating: Why It Really Is a Numbers Game

An overabundance of men in a population has financial consequences