Highlights from June 30 to July 6

Highlights from June 30 to July 6

Here's our hit list of the best reads of the week, including the top one percent in brains and wealth; typical excuses for marital affairs; how to talk to the chronically ill; and a newly-isolated hallmark of child prodigies' minds.

“I Treated Myself to a Marital Crisis”

Excuses for having an extramarital affair

Beyond Adversity

Build resiliency against self-inflicted miseries

Do Your Dreams Die When You Get Older?

A millennial explores a typical first-world problem.

What the Chronically Ill Want to Hear

Talking to those in pain is hard, here are some tips.

Why Brains Are More Important Than Billions

The one percent that really matter

Hearing the Temperature Can Impact How Old You Think Justin Bieber Is, Really

We are pretty quirky when it comes to how we process information.

Feeling Duped: Who Is To Blame When You're Scammed?

People who scored higher on sucker rumination are highly self-critical.

After the Sacrifice: Did You Do It For the Right Reasons?

Sacrificing for the wrong reasons may be worse than no sacrifice at all.

Does Intimacy Require Complete Honesty?

Secrets that couples commonly keep.

Are Prodigies Autistic?

New study on prodigies reveals some startling findings.

We Are Live!

About me and Notes to Self

Creating Your Personal Shift

...to get you where YOU want to be!

Why Creative Geniuses Hated School

Three creative geniuses explain why they hated formal education.

A Psychological Profile of a Poisoner

Serial Murder By Subterfuge

“Baby-parading:” Childcare or Showing Off?

What are fathers doing when they show-off their children?