I Hurt All Over

I Hurt All Over

The stress of chronic pain is no small matter. It can take a psychological and physical toll. Here's how to manage it—for the long haul.

We Have Nothing to Fear but Pain Itself—Maybe

Think of Jimmy Stewart grading his way upward in "Vertigo".

Killing the Disabled

The danger of the wolf pack mentality

5 Techniques to Help with Physical Pain

Four alternatives to the misguided advice: “push through the pain.”

Pelvic Pain - The Bare Truth

The mind-body connection in acute and chronic pelvic pain.

Help for Vulvodynia and Possibly for Fibromyalgia, Cystitis and IBS

How talk therapy for depression led to a new treatment for chronic pain.

Easy For YOU To Say: Counselor Bias and Why Your Friends Think They're SO Smart.

Staying Calm In Good Times and Hard Times Are Whole Different Ball Games

Physician, Heal Thyself, And Thy Healthcare System

Why Our Current Healthcare System is Woefully Inadequate

The Role of Admiration in Affairs With the Rich and Famous

Mimi Alford's Admiration for President Kennedy

The “BEST” Medication For Chronic Low Back Pain

The "best" treatment is the one that works.

Using the Body Scan to Help with Chronic Pain and Illness

This mindfulness-based body scan can help ease physical symptoms.

Back Pain: Lending a Hand

Does your sweetie suffer chronic pain?

Talking Away the Pain

It may be cheap, but sometimes talking works.

Dying for a Baby

Women who kill to be moms

Medicinal Marijuana: The Myth, The Money, The Munchies

Marijuana has been used as a medical treatment for many centuries.

Fibromyalgia: Self-Awareness Exercises Decrease Pain

Group sessions helped decrease fibromyalgia pain.

4 Easy Stress Management Strategies

Stop suffering from chronic stress.

Chronic Pain versus the Brain: And the Loser Is...

We need to tear up those newly paved routes before the cement hardens.

The Genetics of Pain Perception

Our chromosomes are crying right along with us.

The Impact of Mind Wandering on Chronic Pain

Dream you dreamers, but don’t forget the Tylenol.

Why Women Experience More Chronic Pain Than Men

“And she aches just like a woman”

Office Jobs: A Pain in the Back?

Easy Ways to Reduce Back Pain at Work

Imagine a life without pain

Visualization can help ease stress and manage chronic pain

Drugs 'R' Us

Drugs are a part of our lives in ways we can't come to grips with

Painful Bureaucracy In The Most Literal Sense

New restrictions on docs will cause more patients to go untreated

Two Examples of How an Energy Psychology Treatment Can End Chronic Physical Pain

If releasing negative energy from bad memories relieves pain, maybe ...

The Evolutionary Significance of Chronic Pain: Survival of the Whiniest?

The psychology of the science that explains the science of chronic pain.