The Science of Scent

The Science of Scent

It's the first sense that's activated when we're born. It can instantly transport you back to your grandmother's kitchen or an ex-lover's embrace. Smell is provocative and deeply connected to our emotional state—and it has a far greater influence on our behavior than we realize.

Dollars and Scents

Scents that make you reach for your wallet.

A Sniff of Your Sweetie

Why we smell our partner's clothing for comfort.

Fragrance Free

What happens when you lose your sense of smell?

The Smell Is Right

Using scents to enhance life.

Chronic Pain and Aromatherapy

What you smell may soothe your aching body.

A Crash Course in Pheromones

How we communicate chemically

What's Eating You?

A new play about relationships and love.

The Scents of Our Lives

Certain smells give us a direct route to our joys and sorrows.

Why Certain Smells Trigger Positive Memories

The odor-memory link can be traced back to your earliest memories

18 Quotes on the Sense of Smell

Learn what the well-known have to say about your olfactory system.

How Your Dog Can Help Select Your Mate

A cartoon about deciding what men to date.

Olfactory Reference Syndrome

Vaginal odor as self-fulfilling prophecy.

Cleopatra Isn't Welcome Here

Living in a fragrance-free zone.

Illegal Odors

Convicted of being too smelly.

Scent Maker

On the job: Flavoring everything from toothpaste to truffles.

Beauty Beat: The Nose Knows

A few good--smelling--men.

Why Meat Eaters Stink

Want to smell better? Pass on red meat.

Happiness is The Scent of Baby Powder

Let your nose lead the way to a better day.

Senses: Sensitive Soul

How your nerves shape your character.