Sleep Magic

Sleep Magic

A good night's rest isn't just a cure for the common cold—getting the right amount of winks can also help you lose weight, keep your mind sharp, improve your heart health, and more.

The Therapeutic Power of Sleep

Sleep is a highly underrated activity!

Sleep You Way Thin

The wrong amount of sleep could cause weight gain.

Why Sleep Is Important

Sleep is essential. It is not an option.

Sleep Better to Play Better

Athletic performance improved with more sleep.

What’s Keeping You Awake?

Worry feels like motivation but it is actually a de-motivator

Drugging babies to help them sleep is NOT the solution

Most kids shouldn’t be on sleep medications.

Dreaming of Losing Weight: The Nexus of Nod

Do you count sheep or lamb chops?

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder and Neurologic Disease

I think I will stay up late tonight.

Waking Up To Insomnia

To sleep perchance to dream.

Five Ways to Revamp Your Sleep Habits

... and one of them is pretty radical.

The Sixth Vital Sign

Afar into the land of Nod.

Is Your Bedtime Making You Fat?

How to maximize your bedtime benefits.

Do We Learn While We're Asleep?

Studies show that sleep enhances learning, memory, and problem solving

Sleep: Strange Bedfellows

Peculiar facts about shut-eye.

5 Strategies to Ensure a Great Night's Sleep

Great sleep is all about developing great sleep habits.

11 reasons why a good night's sleep is so important.

11 reasons why a good night's sleep is so important

Learning how to shave on someone else's beard

No substitute for fewer calories in, more calories out

Turning 40 winks into decades: the pace of time in dreams

Why time becomes so elastic during dreams

Why It’s REALLY Not Cute When Kids Snore Like Grandpa

One more reason why not to ignore your child's snore

Drinking Coffee While Nursing Doesn’t Ruin Babies’ Sleep

Caffeine intake while nursing and babies' sleep

Holiday Self-Help : Do Introverts Need More Sleep than Extraverts?

Why some people might need to sleep more than others.

6 Ways to Get More Sleep

Follow these six steps for a better night's rest.

A No-Nonsense Guide to Great Napping

5 tips to making the most of your nap time

Fix Your Sleep Hygiene

14 tips for getting better sleep.

Teens, Divorce, and Food

To Eat or Not to Eat; Is that Really the Question?

How to Set Boundaries in the Bedroom

Sometimes you just have to speak frankly to your partner.