My Genes, My Self

My Genes, My Self

How far does our genetic blueprint reach?

The Genetics of Chronic Widespread Pain

Mind control versus the human genome.

The Genetics of Pain Perception

Our chromosomes are crying right along with us.

The Tiger Mom in (Scientific) Perspective

Chua's arguments seem scientifically plausible. They aren't.

How our genes set us up for mental illness.

Is mental illness written in our genes?

It's time for a new look at nature and nurture

Is your future really determined by your genes?

Why You Need to Know Your Family's Mental Health History

Ask the tough questions, for your health.

Musical Dynasties: It (Genetically) Runs in the Family

Genetics may account for musical predisposition and ability.

Want to know what "race" is or isn't? Don't ask the dictionary!

The dictionary should reflect science, not popular usage.

A twin study primer

How we know what we know about heritability in humans

Stigma and the “Othering” of Autism

Should we hate autism, or accept it?

Don’t reduce everything to nature and nurture

Genes and environment don’t explain everything. We’re wired by experience.

Does Aging Level the Playing Field?

Where wallflowers and nerds meet queen bees and quarterbacks.

The Upside of Learning Disabilities

The system is disabled, not the kids

Genetics as Rorschachs: Pondering Our Genes and Our Fate

Genetic information is often ambiguous. Our prior beliefs shape our views.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Genetics Statistics

Correlation is not causation. In genetics, all we get are correlations.

My Family Secret, By Ann Hite

A daughter deals with abandoning her bipolar mother.

All Politics is Genetic?

New evidence suggests political opinions are influenced by our genetics.

Family’s Mental Health History Offers Surprising Benefits

Shame, guilt and anxiety diminish with information.

You Talkin' to Me? You Talkin' to ME?

This workout is the perfect storm.

Stress, Violence and Your Genes

Early childhood stress predisposes to more disease even sooner.

Q&A with Novelist Dan Bardon

Author draws on struggles with addiction, recovery, and being a good man

A Genetic Test to Select Your Child’s Sport

Genetic Testing: Snake oil or a boon for competitive parents?

Leaders: Born or Made?

The most often-asked question about leadership, and the answer is:

Born That Way: Do Our Genes Determine Our Politics?

A search is underway for a genetic basis of political ideology and behavior.

Intelligence is not (just) Genetic

Social environments shape genetic influences on intelligence.

Women: Does Orgasm Give You a Hangover?

Research reveals lingering postcoital cycle in women.