How Compatible Are You?

How Compatible Are You?

Is it time to redefine compatibility? It isn't something that you have, it's something that you make. And the interaction between biology and behavior has a lot to do with it.

How to Optimize Your Relationship: The 70/70 Compromise

If there's a "magic bullet" for resolving couples conflict, what is it?

Go Ahead. Demand Uber-compatibility!

Try it, if you must. Then do what actually works.

Staying Compatible by Staying Yourself

Ways to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship

Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Ninety Percent of High Performers Possess High EQ

Rather Partial: The Delicate Art of Clinging Right

Love means letting go of self-sufficiency, risking reliance on others.

Flirtation? Crush? Emotional Affair? Affair?

Why your definition of "just fooling around" matters.

5 Principles of Effective Couples Therapy

Make your relationship work by following these 5 basic principles

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Seven Ways to Say “No” and Keep Good Relations

Set your boundaries without feeling guilty.

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What attracts him to you? This cartoon tells how one couple met.

The Better Marriage

It May Not Be Over. Technologies For A Better Relationship.

Star-crossed lovers: When NOT to trust an intuition of compatibility

Do you see risk for psychological abuse in your relationship as compatibility?

The Top 10 Relationship Myths and Why They're Myths

... and the surprising ways each of them goes wrong.

The Meaning of Life, According to Twilight, Is Love, Only Love

Twilight tells us the meaning of life is love. Is the message anti-feminist?

The secrets we speak: How what we say reveals secret clues about who we are

What can a few simple words expose about you and your relationships?

Avoid These Common Mistakes Men Make About Women

Common sense tips to improve your relationship.

Magical Friendship-Making Moments

Close friendships can come with big life changes

The Other Porn Experiment

What can informal control groups of former porn users show us?

If Dads helped more, would Moms have more babies?

A look at factors influencing fairness and family size.

Compatibility: The Secret Ingredient to a Happy Relationship?

Many people are boneheaded in their choices of life partners

From Sibling Rivalry to Family Harmony

Secrets lie in creating a climate of cooperation and kindness

The Habits of Highly Successful Meditators

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