Your Personality Shows

Entertainment can be good, bad, or ugly. Either way your TiVo habits can say a lot about who you are.

In Treatment: Great TV, Bad Therapy

By Michael Bader D.M.H.
Boundary violations make it entertaining but wrong.

Family Guy Takes On Suicide Prevention

By Elana Premack Sandler L.C.S.W., M.P.H
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Why ‘The Bachelor’ Is Anti-Evolutionary

By Goal Auzeen Saedi Ph.D.
Research suggests ‘The Bachelorette’ might be more in line with evolution.

The Allure of Diagnosing Fictional Characters

By Jared DeFife Ph.D.
Stuff Psychologists Like - Diagnosing Fictional Characters

Redefining ABC's The Bachelorette

By Melissa Blake
It's time to properly represent those with disabilities on TV.

6 Ways the British Do It Better

By Susan K Perry Ph.D.
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Reality TV in the Spotlight

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What is the real human cost of this entertainment genre?