Top 25 List: March 2012

Top 25 List: March 2012

8. The Five Fears We All Live By

When we know where they really come from, we can start to control them.

1. Five Things Not to Say to a Special Needs Parent

If you don't have anything nice to say, duct tape your mouth.

3. Why Women Can't Find a Good Man

The frustrations of dating.

4. Why the Spark Fades in a Relationship

What prompts the shift from helpless love to deep disinterest?

12. Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD

A lesson from Europe on behavior-regulation.

5. What Tears Relationships Apart

Avoid these actions and you may live happily.

2. The Ecstasy of Exercise

Exploring a little secret about women and exercise.

6. How to Ruin a Romantic Relationship

Destroying a relationship is easier than you may think.

9. The Wrong Reason to Get Married

And the right way to think about it.

10. How Threat Emotions Cause Us to Misread Our Partner

What happens when we operate in an angry or anxious mindset?

11. Nothing in Their Heads

Debunking the Doyen et al. claims regarding the elderly-priming study.

7. Why Is It Socially Acceptable to Be Bad at Math?

And unacceptable to be bad at reading?

13. How Da Vinci Got His Ideas

Looking for patterns and images to blend with your thoughts.

21. Bipolar Disorder and Creativity

Why bipolar disorder is so common.

14. Habits of Highly Effective Complainers

There are ways to get attention, and ways to get ignored. Learn the difference.

16. Why People Are the Opposite of What They Appear

The ego defense mechanism of reaction formation.

17. Why Facebook Is Killing God

Religion has no answer for narcissism

25. Want a Better Life? Read a Book

Reading to improve your life.

18. What’s Your Intimacy Quotient?

Take a 6-question quiz to find out how capable you are of intimacy

15. When to Meditate, Or Not

Expert advice on when to meditate, and when not to.

23. The Reality of Cheating

Does being in love lead men to cheat?

24. Will the Real Iranians Please Stand up?

Bravo exploitation continues with the Shahs of Sunset.

20. Has Coddling Our Kids Set Them Up for Failure?

Research says we should let children do difficult things