The Myths of Mid-Life

The Myths of Mid-Life

Mid-life doesn't have to be a crisis. In fact, getting older often means getting wiser. Here's how to embrace the good years.

How Midlife Chaos Creates Your Greatest Self

Strap in for the ride, embrace the twists and turns.

Advice: Behold the MidLife Crisis

After 8 years he needs to "figure our situation out".

Forty is the New 20 for Having Babies

The number of women having babies after age 40 has quadrupled.

What That Certain Age Really Means

What's behind the midlife crisis hype?

Single After 40

Big-time angst about being single? After 40, probably not.

Middle School Lunchroom Redux at Age 60: What's a Girl to Do?

It's not uncommon to feel the same way you did in the middle school lunchroom.

Is the "Mid-Life Crisis" an Excuse for Men Behaving Badly?

Could narcissism and poor impulse control be behind the "mid-life crisis?"

The Psychology of Middle Age

Growing strong in middle age.