Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Clearing up your junk can help you clear up your mind, and more.

Can You Forgive?

Do you know how to forgive others and yourself?

Preliminary finding: Stark contrast in “thriving” between experiential and material buyers

Experiential buyers are more likely to thrive than material buyers.

What is the Difference Between Compulsive Hoarding and Collecting?

People keep confessing their secret hoarding tendencies to me.

Ever Feel Guilt Towards an Inanimate Object? Throw It Away!

Why are there certain object we just "can't" throw away?

The Power of Letting Go

Letting go is always the right thing to do.

The First Signs of a Successful Habit Change

When you care, you become aware--and lose weight.

On the Verge of the Vernal Equinox

Your rite of Spring—time for renewal and rejuvenation.

The One-Page Career Cheat Sheet

Are you happy in your job?

Sometimes You Just Gotta Make Room for More Stuff

Tell people your clutter is really a collection. :)

Mindfulness in the Garden

Gardening without earbuds lets you hear yourself and your body

Spring Cleaning: from the inside out

Let the real clean up begin!

Sniffles and Suicide

The links between allergy and suicide.

Are You Buying Happiness?

The habitual benefits of being an experiential shopper.