A Question of Bias?

The Lessons of Conflict Resolution

By Ugo Uche
What does Trayvon Martin's death teach children about conflict?

Notes on an American Son

By George Davis
President Obama: "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

Are Stereotypes Unfairly Stereotyped?

By Mikhail Lyubansky Ph.D.
Most of us tend to stereotype "stereotypes." Is there a cost?

Race, Civil Rights and Love

By Mark Banschick M.D.
Race, Love and Hope for All of Us

Cognitive Biases Manifest in Trayvon Martin Case

By Thomas J. Leeper PhD
Biases emerge in the mind's effort to understand Trayvon Martin case.

Striving Toward True Liberation: Women’s Roles and Influences in the Life of the Buddha

By Preston Ni M.S.B.A.
Women’s Roles and Influences in the Life of the Buddha

Does Aspirin Prevent Cancer?

By Matthew J. Edlund M.D.
Does daily aspirin stop tumors and prevent cardiovascular disease?

Prove It! Birthers and the Presumptuousness of Prejudice

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D.
When prejudice trumps accomplishment

Forging a More Successful Multicultural America - Ron Takaki and Asian American Leadership

By Preston Ni M.S.B.A.
20 positive & uplifting quotes for women

The Impact of a Mug: A Souvenir Story

By Mikhail Lyubansky Ph.D.
Never mind the mugs, this is a story about beauty and justice

Report: 2,500 serving life for crimes committed as children

By Karen Franklin Ph.D.
There are 2,500 serving life for crimes committed as children.

Evolution before Darwin

By Christopher Lane Ph.D.
What does our fixation on Darwin obscure?

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About White Privilege Today

By Mikhail Lyubansky Ph.D.
Enhance understanding and connection across differences.

Damning reconstruction of notorious false confession case

By Karen Franklin Ph.D.
Do you recognize this infamous true-crime saga?

Affirmative Action in Brazil

By Jefferson M Fish Ph.D.
Surprising problems determining who qualifies for affirmative action in Brazil.

The Origins of Xenophobia

By Douglas T. Kenrick Ph.D.
The origins of xenophobia

Some Thoughts on Good and Evil

By Miki Kashtan Ph.D.
What more can be said about good and evil?

Nature-Nurture & Plutocracy: The Hunger Games

By Kristine Anthis Ph.D.
Those who were born on third base continue to think they hit a triple...

Trayvon Martin's Death and Your Life

By Pamela Cytrynbaum
Trayvon Martin's death and our daily lives

The War of Art: The Reason You’re Avoiding Your Most Important Work

By Susan Biali M.D.
Win the battle against the force that's holding you back.