The Talent Alternative

The Talent Alternative

Practice and perseverance often trump talent.

How to Become an Expert

What we can learn from world-class performers.

Why Inspirational Talks Don't Work

How we get hoodwinked by the inspiration industry.


Jealousy is one of life’s greatest teachers.

Why Asking Questions Is Essential

Speaking isn't communicating.

Toward More Perfect Practice

Practice is a skill that can be learned.

The Paradox of Getting Ahead in America—Cheaters Win

Is it good for you to be good? The jury seems to still be out.

Active money management: A road map to a sustainable financial future?

How can you know where you're going if you don't even know where you are?

Lover Come Back to Me

Every reunion is a type of heaven

Why does Batman matter?

Batman's significance has to do with the superhero in you.

The Myth of Geniuses

Is unusual creativity present at birth?

The Impatient Heart: Is It Indeed Now or Never?

It’s now or never. Tomorrow will be too late

Finding Flow this weekend.

Get in the zone and increase your satisfaction with life.

LIN-sanity! Observations on the worship of a new sports hero

Jeremy Linsanity causes worldwide Linfluenza outbreak!

Ten Ways to Wow Your Audience

Win over any audience with these 10 simple public speaking tips

The Sideways Principle

Like pinot noir grapes, the human heart needs a patient grower

Lifting the Burden of Potential

Helping Children Develop a Healthy Perspective on Achievement.

Jeremy Lin: Beyond the Numbers

Trust might be Jeremy Lin's secret weapon.

The secret of creativity: An oblique perspective

Why immigrants and gays are so creative.

Sorry, Talented: Striving Matters

Do the gifted and talented need to learn humility?

Is your intelligence genetically based?

Genetic or not, your beliefs about your abilities affect performance.

Q&A with Hilma Wolitzer: A 30-Year Love Affair with Writing

"Learn what you know by writing." - Hilma Wolitzer

Trust Craft More Than Inspiration

Q&A: Margot Livesey: Flow feels marvelous, but be wary.

The Self-Education of Oscar Micheaux

From oddball indie author to pioneer feature filmmaker