The Beauty Spot

The Beauty Spot

More than Just a Bad Hair Day

It has ripple effects on our sense of self.

Real Women Take Center Stage as Hollywood Finally Gets It!

From Streep to Adele, we are beginning to celebrate real women.

Why Some Midlifers Spiral Out of Control?

Compulsive dieting, cosmetic surgery, alcohol and drug use at middle age.

Looks Can Kill (Your Best Judgment)

An angelic demeanor can bowl over even the brightest of us.

How to Look Competent

To boost job prospects, you may need a makeover.

10 Steps to a Better Body Image

It's possible to like what you see in the mirror.

The (Un-Erotic) Glories of Nudity

Bearing witness to the real shape of women.

If You Believe in Fairies, You're Not Alone

A cartoon about hair anxiety.

Ladies, Does Your Breast Size Affect Your Self-esteem?

A cartoon about how your self-image may influence your cup size.

I’m Sexy and I Know It

Sometimes innovations for women are just plain ridiculous

Beauty: Culture-Specific or Universally Defined?

The universality of some beauty markers.

And the Oscar Goes To....The Women With Real Bodies!!!

Do celebrity bodies poison girls' minds?

Am I Pretty or Am I Ugly?

The path that leads girls to ask strangers on Youtube to rate their appearance.

Do men find very skinny women attractive?

Women often misjudge men’s preferences.

Beauty, God, Death: What is Real Psychotherapy?

Preserving the heart of psychotherapy.