Reading The Opposite Sex

Reading The Opposite Sex

The signals we send to others are not necessaily the signals received. Add sex to the mix and you multiply the opportunities for miscommuncation. Since many messages that traverse the gender divide get misconstrued, you've got to wonder: Can men and women ever speak the same language?

Are You Talking the Same Language?

How communication styles affect relationships.

The Sound of a Cheater

Does voice pitch give cheaters away?

Are Fertile Women More Attractive?

Subtle signals reveal when a woman may conceive.

Don't Be Seduced! Six Crucial Warning Signs

Seduction seeks sex whether or not it harms the seduced.

Words as living organisms

How quickly words can offend.

The Beauty Factor

New study sheds light on the dating game.

One Seducer's Awakening

Sometimes seducers can be jarred into self-knowledge and compassion.

Seven Ways to Say “No” and Keep Good Relations

Set your boundaries without feeling guilty.

Flirtation, Ambiguity and Suspense

The ambiguity inherent in flirtation is both useful and risky.

What Went Wrong? How Men and Women Differ in their Decision-Making Glitches

Is it bias, negative stereotyping or reality to observe these gender differences

Is the Male Sex Drive the Cause of Wars?

Why men are biologically programmed to be warriors

Why Don't Women Ask Men Out on First Dates?

Despite greater equality, women still don't ask. Why?

How is sexual stereotyping affecting your relationship?

We like to think we've moved past gender bias. That may be wishful thinking.

Do You Mate Like a Cavewoman?

A cartoon on how to use paleontology to dump a guy.

Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Ninety Percent of High Performers Possess High EQ

Why Most "Sex Differences Experts" Actually Arn't.

What Sex Differences "Experts" Need to Know

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A cartoon about how to give her what she secretly wants most.

Love and Sex

Give up control, and love and great sex become possible.

When Are Women Into Casual Sex?

Women and casual sex, the latest research.

2 Virtues Enhance Falling in Love Forever

The concept of love thrives with respect and loyalty.

Do You Know a Serial Killer?

Predators can be closer than you think.

What’s Your Love Language?

What makes each of you feel especially loved?

Are Man & Woman Equals In Nonverbal Communication?

Men, women and nonverbal communication research—informative and fun!

Are Men Romantic?

Rekindled romance research suggests that men have been misunderstood.

Men and Women as Friends – When One is Gay or Lesbian

These male-female friends see one another as family