The Will to Win

The Will to Win

Competition pushes us to our best. Pursuing a goal with great intensity can certainly pay off, but it sometimes leads to more pain than gain. How much would you sacrifice for the sake of a win?

The Psychology of Sports Fans

Are you a fair weather fan?

Fine Line Between Good and Bad (and Sexual Predators) in the NFL

NFL quarterbacks are all sexual _______s - even the nice ones!

Can You Make Win-Win Decisions?

All conflicts can be resolved, with everyone winning, if you know how.

The Case for Youth Sports

There are lots of positive outcomes for kids.

Can Erotic Videos Help Football Players Score Touchdowns?

Male rugby players watching porn lift heavier weights at the gym.

A Genetic Test to Select Your Child’s Sport

Genetic Testing: Snake oil or a boon for competitive parents?

Lessons from Tebow and Elway

What quarterbacks can teach us about parenting, winning and American values.

Does Steve Jobs Remind You of Leo DiCaprio in Titanic?

First, find out if they're gold, or just fool's gold.

How Do High Achievers Really Think?

Beliefs that lead to success.

Spelling Is Making a Comeback!

Students learn about perseverance—not PERSIVERENCE!

What’s With All These Big-Time Liars?

Why do people lie and then keep lying?

What’s Pushing Your Buttons?

Goals keep you going.

How To Manage Your Boss’s Mood Swings

Take matters into your own hands.

Does Good Sex Make Sports Heroes? (Or is it love?)

The Kate Hudson-Alex Rodriguez affair creates sparks ON the field

Seeing Ourselves Through Tim Tebow

What Tebowmania is really about.


Our ability to be enhanced may not be limitless after all.

5 resolution rules: How to keep your New Year’s promises

You can keep your New Year's Resolution!

Is Bode Miller an Alcoholic?

Bode Miller, an alcoholic who cut back, won three Olympic medals, then one more.