The Perfect Family

The Perfect Family

The idea of a perfect family fascinates us, even if at some level we know there's no such thing. But by imagining that there are those who seem to have everything right, we are setting ourselves up for perpetual disappointment. Especially if we strive to mimic them.

Families on Television

Do media portrayals of American families reflect or dictate our values?

The Dark Side of Siblings

The dirty family secret parents dismiss.

Improving Marriages by Studying Divorce

It May Not Be Over. Technologies For A Better Relationship.

Why Are Little Kids Getting General Anesthesia For Cavities?

General anesthesia for 2-year-olds? To get root canals?

5 Principles of Effective Couples Therapy

Make your relationship work by following these 5 basic principles

Love After Death: The Widows’ Romantic Predicaments

I love both my late husband and the new guy.

Becoming Single Again: People Who Are Kind to Themselves Do It Better

The triumph of compassion over self-flagellation

A Change in Perspective

Chasing dreams and losing track of what we already have.

And the Moral Is…Morals Matter

Goldman Sachs and the “Gospel of Selfishness.”

Teens and the Internet: Helpline or Pied Piper?

Should kids seek online advice from strangers?

Group Marriage and the Future of the Family

Group marriage offers children more role models and more attention.

Discovering New Frontiers on My Path

Cringe-worthy imperfection on my spiritual path

NLD and Me: No Apologies

Do you realize how much energy it takes to apologize?

Myfanwy Collins: Giving my Son the Tools of Faith

A mother tries to teach her son about faith beyond religion.

Attention All Fathers (and Sons)

In The Way, Martin Sheen learns how to be a Dad - the hard way

The Narcissistic Ex Part IV

He may not be a narcissist, but he’s still an A-hole.

Dad Has a New Girlfriend

10 Helpful adjustments you can make.

Can Parents Love Too Much?

Overprotecting our children can be perilous.

The Narcissistic Ex, Part III

Is it fair to call a person a narcissist?

How to Tell Your Daughter about Sex

How to talk about sex in the language of texting.

How Kids Can Save Your Marriage

Kids don't kill marriages; adults do.

How to Make Your Kid Useful

This is one result when you use a vision board for your child.

How Ethics Can Help You Have a Better Sex Life

Lifelong marriage can be a psychologically healthy ideal.

Obama Family Values

What's Right with This Picture?

Beginner's Guide to Preconception Mental Health Care

I was absolutely heartbroken that I would not have a medication-free pregnancy.

Common Sense Food Advice for Parents: Is There Such a Thing?

Is there such a thing as common sense food advice for parents?

Good Enough Beats Perfect

3 ways to gain more satisfaction from your choices

Q&A with Author Jean Kwok: Girl in Translation

Novel based on Chinese immigrant's own coming of age.

Getting Your Lying Teen to Level with You

Calm can parents help children stop lying.

Giants vs. Patriots

What really makes a big game so compelling?

"A Child's Anger Can Be a Warning"

How should parents respond when a child's anger escalates?

Sleepy Teens

Can't get your teen out of bed to go to school?

Beating Stress With A Downloadable Three Minute Breathing Space Meditation

Beating Stress With A Three Minute Breathing Space Meditation

Sibling Love challenges Hurricane Katrina

"Salvage The Bones" honors sibling love.

[Pre] Maternal Guilt: Part One

How can I feel such intense "mommy guilt" before I become a mother?

Coupling and Culture

What has marriage been "since the beginning of human history?"

When Digital Natives Become Parents

Can the Nintendo generation trade in game controllers for diapers?

Being a “Digital Klutz” Is Good for Your Family

Don't be upset if you are clueless about how to set the DVR.

When the empty nest isn't empty anymore

Boomerang kids: Do you know what your parents are up to when you're not home?

Time is the currency of self-esteem

Nurturing healthy self-esteem in your child takes time.

Who Is Your Family If You Are Single with No Kids? Part 2

Preview the conclusions of my chapter on singles with no kids

Love and (Inter)marriage

Does race or ethnicity still matter in love??

"Casual Sex" You Say?

Why do experts use the term so promiscuously?

Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Ninety Percent of High Performers Possess High EQ

How a Large Family Stays Close

Large and close-knit extended families are an endangered species.

Seven Ways to Say “No” and Keep Good Relations

Set your boundaries without feeling guilty.