Real Connection

Real Connection

We're obsessed with connecting. Of course, it takes more than a click—or a friend request—to keep a relationship going. But is virtual interaction really so bad? Text messages and tweets can't match the depth of face-to-face contact, but they may serve other purposes.

Can You Have Too Many Friends?

One psychologist identifies a critical mass.

Perpetual Connection

The teen vs. technology conundrum.

Using Silence to Improve Connection

What happens when one couple takes silent vow during romantic getaway?

Extramarital Affairs in the New Millennium

Does Facebook cause people to cheat?

The False Face of Our Social Media Persona

Fundamental pitfalls of social media relationships

An Ecology of Mind

Mind and nature are a unity.

Words Can Be Your Relationship Deal-breaker

Watching your words can save a relationship.

Are Americans Becoming More and More Isolated? [UPDATED]

Americans have more friends they talk to weekly than they did in 2002

Time is the currency of self-esteem

Nurturing healthy self-esteem in your child takes time.

Quitting Facebook Could Make You Happier

Facebook can make you bitter about your own life

See Beings Not Bodies

When we encounter someone, the mind summarizes & simplifies tons of details.

Am I worthy? Lesson 1 in Vulnerability

What does it take to be truly vulnerable?

Listen Your Way Up the Ladder

Open doors with your ears

Is Nagging The Marriage Killer?

Is nagging really the problem in your relationship?

Is Online Dating as Much Fun as You Thought it Would Be?

A cartoon about how to handle a boyfriend who you've never met.

Seven Ways to Say “No” and Keep Good Relations

Set your boundaries without feeling guilty.

Facebook and Your Social Brain

This is your brain on Facebook

Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Ninety Percent of High Performers Possess High EQ

Open Mouth, Insert Duct Tape. 5 Things NOT to Say to A Special Needs Parent

If you don't have something nice to say, duct tape your mouth.

Let Gratitude Bring Back Your Smile

If we can let go of anger and sadness, we might just find our smile.

Why Facebook is Failing

What the psychology of gossip tells us about successful social networking.

Love Online: Dating Expert's Advice and the Love Letter Wish

Facebook is becoming both a social support and a matchmaker.

The Power of Silence

Valuing silence leads to a deeper connection with ourselves.

The Difference Between a Monologue and a Dialogue

Listening is one of the greatest acts of love...and often the hardest

Building a Muscular Empathy

On mirror neurons and developing the gift of empathy

What Matters to You and Why?

Ask deeper questions for deeper connections.

Mind-Reading: When A Friend Doesn't Tell You What's She's Thinking

It's always a mistake to let little problems in a relationship fester.

Can your partner change? Believe it, even if you don't see it.

Perception of your partner makes or breaks your own happiness.

Live With Impermanence...And Discover Your True Self

Embracing impermanence in life helps you discover your true self

Facebook: The Psychology of Social Media

Why consumers 'like' brand pages on Facebook.

How Technological Distractions Destroy Connections

A college student observes how tech interruptions thwart relationships.

The Rock and the Hard Place

Difficult moments don't just go away because we look away.

How Emotionally Attached Are You to Your Pet?

10 ways to measure the role of pets in your life

Does ‘No Such Thing As Bad Publicity’ Apply To Psychologists?

If bad publicity is bad for psychologists, is no publicity worse?

Love Good Kissing? Date Generous Men Not Cheap Ones

The most delicious kisses are those given in love.

Are You Less Interesting Than A Squirrel?

What makes you more captivating than a competitor?

Psychosexual Skill Exercises to Enhance Your Sexual Desire and Satisfaction

In the optimal relationship partners feel comfortable initiating intercourse.

Authentic Kindness Matters To Your Fulfillment

Authentic kindness is a decision, rather than a compulsion to act nice.

Five is Male and Pure Blue

A Texas family shares their synesthetic impressions


Does social media help or hurt our relationships?

When You Die, Do You Wake Up in the Morning?

When you die, do you wake up in the morning?

Getting Over the Demise of an Online Friendship

Talk about friendship problems when they occur, sooner rather than later.

What’s Your Intimacy Quotient?

Take a 6-question quiz to find out how capable you are of intimacy