Breaking Free of Addiction

Breaking Free of Addiction

The truth about addiction may surprise you—whether it's drinking or drugs, more people quit on their own than any other way. Still, addiction rates are rising, and painkillers are leading the pack. Here's the latest thinking on how to leave a habit behind.

Debunking Ritalin

The over-use of Ritalin is part of a larger picture

Nora Volkow Explains (Not Really) Why People Don't Become Addicted

Nora Volkow and Time Healthland lead us down the dark path of reductionism

Put Some Mindfulness Into Your Eating

5 ways to eat less by thinking more

I’m a social smoker: Who are you kidding?

The slippery slope from social smoking to two packs a day

Our Thirst for Wholeness

What is the connection between mental health and spirituality?

"I think, therefore I feel": The Primacy of Thinking

Focusing on feelings results in avoidance of responsibility and excuses

Why Food Isn't an Addiction

Parents' job is managing, not eliminating, food cravings in children.

Lessons from Thumbsucking, The Earliest Addiction

We can learn lots from these 10 ways to help kids conquer thumb habits.

Are You an Addict?

How addictive behaviors cut us off from pain and joy

After a diet, your body remains addicted to food

Why keeping the weight off is so hard, and what you can do about it.

Utilizing the Processes of Change - Part 2

A discussion of the stages and the processes of change.

Intervene This

The A&E show "Intervention" is reprehensible

The Benefits of Addiction: Why Alcoholics Drink

How to think about the plusses alcoholics are pursuing

The Meaning of Recovery Has Changed -- You Just Don't Know It

The US agency that deals with substance abuse treatment redefines recovery

In Search of What I Believed Was a Deeper Meaning

The suburbs were a spiritual vacuum.

Five Keys to Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

Ninety Percent of High Performers Possess High EQ

Kooky American Positions X: Drug Legalization

Legalize drugs on Obama's watch?—not f'n' likely

Catharsis in the Age of Horror

Why villains can teach us so much.

Killing Minority Children -- The Perfect Republican Politician

Christine Whitman's policy towards needle exchange inspires Republicans

Time to Eat

How to eat in time with your body

Are Rich People Heavy Drinkers?

Rich benefit from moderate drinking

Seven Ways to Say “No” and Keep Good Relations

Set your boundaries without feeling guilty.

Addicted to Facebook? Take the Quiz and Find Out

Why do so many midlife women love Facebook?