The Upside of Down Times

The Upside of Down Times

How do we learn and grow from adversity? Think about the family that lost all their possessions in the hurricane, or the guy who went through rounds of chemotherapy, or the woman who lost her limbs. In the end, many of these people do say: I am a better person because of it. According to them, you can't find real happiness unless you experience such fights for your life.

The Courage to Grow From Stress

Hardiness for Turbulent Times.

Things You Can Do from the Bed

Living well from the bed, the couch, or the recliner.

Reading The Red Book: How C.G. Jung Salvaged His Soul

Is the Red Book a record of Jung's flirtation with madness?

Dealing with the Emotional Impact of the Financial Crisis - Part 1

Is worrying about the economy making us sick?

Do You Money and Status to be Happy on the Job?

The tougher life gets, the more you want to be happy.

Re-envisioning Failure, Manifesting Success and Rising from the Ashes

I didn’t fail -- I just discovered 10,000 ways that didn’t work

Christmas Is for Those Who Are Hurting

Experience the joy of Christmas even when life is difficult.

The un-doing of stress

Promising research on stress recovery.

Working with the Good Times

Getting the most out of the times when we feel balanced and strong.

Eat up, sad clown...

How feeling sad can mess with your appetite.

A Meditation on Criticism

What's worse than harsh criticism?

A Conversation with James Durbin: his New Album, Music and Autism

Artist. Inspirational Performer. Role model.

Suffering, Meaning, Hope

Finding meaning despite, and sometimes because of, suffering

Wrestling With Demons: The Spiritual Redemption of Mickey Rourke

Healing the painful past does not mean forgetting it.

Dealing with the Emotional Impact of the Financial Crisis Part 2

Contact with friends and family helps mitigate against financial stress

Surviving Tough Times

Effortless grace won't get you through tough times. You need grit.

Preserving Mental Health During Unemployment

How to stay grounded when your job is spirited away

Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Mind Being Housebound

The surprising (and comical) upsides to being housebound with illness.

Feeling Out of It at Work? How to Fix It

Overcome disengagement and get more fulfilled in your job.

Learning to Think Like an Optimist

Resilience Pays Off during Tough Times

No, I Insist, After You

This holiday season, choose the longest checkout line

Recovery from an Affair

Affairs can devastate a marriage. But once the secret has been uncovered...

Defeat Depression and Procrastination Simultaneously

How to break from a persistently down mood

How Do you Know When to Stop Therapy?

A cartoon about people who smile too much.

Can a Devastating Shark Attack Really Lead to a Better Life?

Post-traumatic growth, family, and spirituality in the Soul Surfer story

Downsizing, Rightsizing, and Fantasizing

Downsizing Doesn't Equal Productivity Increases or Long-term Cost Savings

Dominoes vs Rainbows

Practical goal-setting—get out your dominoes!

Cost-Effective Ways to Combat Stress

10 Easy Ways to Deal with Stress that Won't Strain Your Pocketbook

From Bad to Good Habits in Five Achievable Steps

Putting them behind you can have a major impact on your health and social life.

The Sweet Smell of Failure

Getting what you want may not get you what you need.

The Economy: A Single Person's Vulnerability that is Real

Singlism is especially difficult during tough economic times

The Seven Best Gratitude Quotes

Develop a gratitude practice to open your heart and rewire your brain

How to Deal with the Stress of Tough Economic Times

Taking a new look at your life can build resilience

Will You Freak-Out or Hunker Down?

How do you handle a crisis?