Pit Bull Politics

Pit Bull Politics

Politicians openly attacking each other, accusatory campaign ads, and yelling matches in the legislature: this is not your grandmother's Washington. But are aggression and politics inextricably linked? Has the tone among our nation's leaders always lacked civility?

Politics as a Video Game

Both politics and video games can reinforce the libido

Happy Elephants and Miserable Donkeys

Why are Conservatives Typically Happier than Liberals?

Digital Politics in a Multicultural World

History can be a treasure or a trap

Why Do Women Leaders Get a Bad Rap?

An assertive woman? Many would sooner call her aggressive.

Passive Aggression & Politics: A Perfect Marriage

Are politics and passive aggression the perfect couple?

Triggering the "Warrior Gene" in a Villain or Hero

Is coldblooded aggression due to nature, nurture, or both?


What Does It Take To Be A Traitor?

How a Bully Is Made

My sweet once shy boy had turned into a monster.

America's Dysfunctional-Family Foreign Policy

Does the television show Sister Wives mean America is becoming polygamous?

Political Slander is Nothing New

Dirty campaigning has been going on in the U.S. for centuries.

The Trauma of Change: Healthcare Reform and the Angry American

Change can be scary, stressful, and sometimes, traumatic.

4 Psychological Processes That Are Ruining America

What's (psychologically) wrong with America?

What it Costs You When Politicians Procrastinate?

How procrastination contributes to fiscal crises and national stagnation.

Dropping The "F" Bomb: FAT

When did the word "Fat" become more loaded then "Sexual Predictors"?

Analogue Politics in a Digital World

Does President Obama have a digital mind

Conservative myths about godless Europe

Godless Europe debunks key conservative ideas

Do Both Obama and McCain Have Anger Problems?

Do both Obama and McCain have an anger problem?

Who Will Protest Against the DSM Harm?

Integrity, Concern, and Action is needed for DSM Protest