The Future's Not Ours to See

The Future's Not Ours to See

We're great at explaining big events and personal circumstances, after the fact. That's because we know how to pick and choose the right details to fit a narrative. When it comes to actually predicting what will happen to us, and how we'll feel, our crystal balls are pretty cloudy.

The Visionary Who Saw Reagan's Future

In 1983, only one man successfully predicted Ronald Reagan's future.

Dystopian "In Time" and Inequalities in Our Time

The dystopian future of "In Time" resonates with current inequalities.

Has History Occurred Yet?

Evidence suggests the past isn't set in stone

Not Leaving Recovery till it's too Late

One More Reason Not to Defer Making Changes

Affective forecasting, intentions and why we procrastinate

Happiness now, pay later - Affective forecasting & procrastination

Your View of the Future Is Shaped by the Past

The future has ways of surprising us.

America Is Sinking: Told You So

We are embarked on a precipitous, irreversible decline as a nation.

Lifting the Burden of Potential

Helping Children Develop a Healthy Perspective on Achievement.

What's in my Child's Future?

Are you curious and open to an uncertain future?

Signs and Omens: Are They For Real?

Signs and Omens - All in Our Heads?

Would You (Should You) Change History?

Man with an unconventional job travels through time.

Time Doesn't Always Fly When You're Time-Travelling

Here's my review of Stephen King's latest: 11/22/63.

The Folly of Economic Forecasting and Analysis: Are You Kidding?

What is the psychology behind financial analyses? There's plenty.

The pitfalls of seeking happiness

With happiness, be careful what you wish for

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

The three layers of love helps you decide

Tomorrow's Pain

Pessimists can learn how to cope, too.

Thinking About Tomorrow to Guide You Today

The value of a future time orientation