Nobel Achievements: Get Inspired!

Nobel Achievements: Get Inspired!

Obama's Nobel Prize

A spectacular example of The Contrast Effect.

Living With Zest - A Secret To Happiness

Bertrand Russel believes happy people are those living with zest.

Bringing the Salt March to Wall Street

Mobilizing Popular Support through a Compelling Vision

What's Holding You Back?

If traditional methods aren’t working for you, change your perception.

What You Miss by Doing What Everyone Else Does

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Tinker with Your Novel, Win a Pulitzer

Tinkering With Tinkers Earns Debut Novelist a Pulitzer Prize.

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Creativity and successful brain aging: Going with the flow

Creativity and flexible attitudes can promote healthy brain aging

Maybe You Only Need to Be Good at One Thing

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Emotional Story-Telling after Stressful Experiences: A Way to Find Meaning

Can writing memoirs transform the meaning of trauma?

Obama Should Win All Six Nobel Prizes.

Nobel Prize for Hope, Promise, and Dignity: Nice!

Why Inspiration Matters

Inspiration impacts everything