Do We Need Spirituality?

Do We Need Spirituality?

Gratitude in times of trouble

Can a gratitude notebook help?

BE LOVE NOW: A Visit With Ram Dass

To kvetch or not to kvetch?

Grains of Truth?

Predicting the future via coffee stains. Really.

What Is My Life Purpose?

"It feels like a silent storm inside of me, am I crazy?

The Varieties of Religious Therapy

Integrating faith with psychotherapy.

Disbelief Is Not a Choice

Nature, nurture and your beliefs about gods

With God As My Shrink

Religious counselors are getting more business than plain old therapists.

Which Religions Are Welcoming to Singles? Part IV: Catholicism

A split between the teachings and the practice of Catholicism

Can a Devastating Shark Attack Really Lead to a Better Life?

Post-traumatic growth, family, and spirituality in the Soul Surfer story

Finding Spirituality In that Old Time Religion

Sufis twirl, Hindus chant, Holy Rollers babble like fools.

Spirituality: Its Impact on Breast Cancer Patients

Spirituality does help with breast cancer adjustment.

The Many Voices of the Happily Godless

Rationalism makes sense, says a chorus of quirky atheists.

Lisa Tucker Talks about New Novel, Faith, and Writing

Writing without an outline takes a lot of faith.

Does God Have a Place in Psychiatric Treatment Plans?

One's identity is unraveled by psychiatric diagnosis and often, so too is faith.

Clinical Despair: Science, Psychotherapy and Spirituality in the Treatment of Depression

What exactly is "clinical despair"? And how can we treat it?

Exorcism as Psychotherapy: A Clinical Psychologist Examines So-Called Demonic Possession

Is there a difference between demonic possession and mental disorders?

Betty Ford- A Hero Remembered during Recovery Month

A grateful shout out to Betty Ford during recovery month.

When Will We Ever Learn? Addictions and Elder Abuse; the Coming Pandemic

Senior addictions; America's dirty little secret.

Sex and the Soul

College students and the hook up culture.

Treasuring memories: Frank Sinatra breaks the Alzheimer’s barrier

Despite having their memory hijacked, they envision being stars.

Why Atheism Will Replace Religion: New Evidence

The illusion of religion helps people feel good, despite miserable experiences.

The Sum Of My Parts - A Memoir

I whispered her words, "God loves you" into my hand.