Top 25 List: August 2011

Top 25 List: August 2011

8. When Relationships Click

Can science explain instant chemistry?

1. You Become What You Pretend To Be

Attitude influences behavior and behavior influences your attitude.

3. When Being Beautiful Backfires

Does it always pay to be pretty?

4. What Separation of Church and State?

Why concerns about the religious right are not overblown.

12. Plastic Is Fantastic . . . for Your Brain

Neuroplasticity paves the way for you to be happier

5. Why Millions Die and We Don’t Care

The way we perceive risk makes mass death more likely

2. How McDonald’s Reads Your Mind

7 things the fast-food industry knows about your brain.

6. 5 Ways To Turn Happiness Into an Advantage

Reversing the formula for happiness and success.

9. The Mysteries of ADD and High IQ

The five truths about attention deficit disorder

10. Overcoming the Fear of I Love You

Why three little words don't have to mean eternity.

11. No, You Can't Think Your Way Out of the Blues

Your head and heart will follow your feet!

7. Ways To Kill Creativity

Habits that destroy personal creativity.

13. Another Reason Races Don’t Exist

What powers of two and human population growth tell us about race.

21. Stop Acting Like a Fool in Love

When it comes to love, you can control unattractive impulses

14. Education Reform? Oh, the Possibilities

Educational reform must occur outside of the compulsory school system.

16. Turning Defeat Into Triumph

When you can't change your circumstances...

17. How to Deal with Button-Pushers

Use these quotes to diffuse button-pushing effects.

25. Perform at Your Best

Eight ways for you to find your strength

18. New Insights on the Creative Brain

Right brain good, left brain bad?

15. Introverted for Life?

How introversion changes over time

19. You Are Unique, Not Special

I cannot handle it because I am special.

22. Introversion and Extroversion Part Ways

Rearranging the introversion-extroversion schema

23. Cute Baby Spells Cute Lady?

Why an attractive infant won't always be an attractive adult.

24. Worried About Money? Give Some Away

Give away a dollar, get peace of mind.

20. Do You Want Your Partner to Stroke Your Ego Or…

Expecting constant validation kills sexual desire