Compassionate Parenting

By Steven Stosny, Ph.D.
Still having Tiger Mom nightmares?

Mental Karate for Kids

By Bill Knaus Ed.D.
A powerful program to help kids lead healthy, happy, lives

eParenting: Setting limits even if your kids know more than you do

By Anne K Fishel Ph.D.
How to be a good eParent

The Best Way to Love Your Kids

By Michael W. Austin Ph.D.
Indulgence is creating a nation of wimps.

The Enemy of Contemplation

By Debbie Stier
Learning is easy; it's the remembering part that's the hard

Holding Tough Dilemmas Together – Part 2

By Miki Kashtan Ph.D.
We can create workable partnerships with teenagers on tough issues.

5 Steps for Moving Past Surface Behaviors and Understanding What's Really Bugging Our Kids

By Signe Whitson L.S.W.
Does your child take his anger out on you when you aren't the rightful target?

How Much Television is Too Much? Science Weighs In

By Todd B. Kashdan Ph.D.
Should Parents Worry About Television?

How Empathic Parenting is the Antithesis of Narcissism

By Karyl McBride Ph.D.
Empathy is the cornerstone for love

Stepfamily Success

By Robert Taibbi L.C.S.W.
Creating a stepfamily is a challenge: 5 common mistakes to avoid

Unsolicited Advice: I Hate It, You Hate It, and So Do Your Kids

By Peter Gray Ph.D.
Why do we especially dislike unsolicited advice from loved ones?

How to Advise and Help Your Kids Without Driving Them (or Yourself) Crazy

By Peter Gray Ph.D.
Guidelines for really helping, not pestering, your kids.

When Parents Make Children Their Friend or Spouse

By Susan Pease Gadoua L.C.S.W.
My mother, my mate

Empty Nest

By Jean Pollack Ph.D.
"Will your child boomerang back?"

Creative Kids (Part 2): 7 Ways to Teach Flow

By Susan K Perry Ph.D.
Kids can be taught how to use flow to be creative.

Is it Weird or Is it Wrong?*

By Debbie Stier
Learning grammar at age 45 (finally).

Are You a Perfect, Too Good, or Good Enough Parent?

By Victoria Costello
If perfect parents ever lived, I pity their children.

Without You, Dad, I Wouldn't Be the Person I Am Today

By Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.
Have we underestimated the importance of fathers for children's wellbeing?

3 Things Not to Do for Raising a Smart Kid

By Susan K Perry Ph.D.
Good parents allow their kids time and mental space.

How a Bully Is Made

By Victoria Costello
My sweet once shy boy had turned into a monster.

The 11 Best Mother's Day Quotes

By Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.
Inspiration & Celebration of the Parenting Bond

Anger at Our Children

By Steven Stosny, Ph.D.
Children are supposed to make us feel inadequate.

What happens when we're rejected and ostracized by strangers?

By Todd B. Kashdan Ph.D.
How does rejection render us invisible and meaningless?

Is Community The Third Dimension of Life?

By Jonathan Wai Ph.D.
The importance of work, family, and community in leading a meaningful life.

How Can We Help When Johnny Can’t Read?

By Timothy D. Wilson Ph.D.
Which Reading Programs Actually Work?

Motherhood: The Invisible Profession

By Mindy Greenstein Ph.D.
The hardest job I've ever had is being a mother.

The Nurture Tightrope: Can Parents Love Too Much?

By Marilyn Wedge Ph.D.
Overprotecting our children can be perilous.

They Moved the Center

By Debbie Stier
Did the SAT get harder or have we been dumbed down?

Spoiled, Risk Adverse, Cheaters, and Insecure to Boot: Why We Need to Stop (Over)Praising Our Kids

By Victoria Costello
Our kids are sorely lacking true self-esteem.

Like Daughter Like Mother: Are Copycat Moms Seeking Eternal Youth?

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
Is envy of the young driving you to try to look like one of them?

When the empty nest isn't empty anymore

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
Boomerang kids: Do you know what your parents are up to when you're not home?

Develop Your Kids Into Leaders: What to Do and When

By Ronald E Riggio Ph.D.
Age appropriate leadership tasks for kids.