When Art Heals

When Art Heals

Write Away the Blues

Grab a pen, start healing.

Inside Out

Putting a problem in pictures takes a load off your mind.

Art for Life

Aging, war, even homelessness is no match for art.

Prettier in Pictures

A camera can boost your self-image.

Wrestling With Demons: The Spiritual Redemption of Mickey Rourke

Healing the painful past does not mean forgetting it.

How to pick a movie

How to be 70% sure you'll like that movie

Healing Inspiration

Make those skeletons in your closet dance!

Emotional Story-Telling after Stressful Experiences: A Way to Find Meaning

Can writing memoirs transform the meaning of trauma?

Art, Madness and Motherhood

Linda Gray Sexton's Half in Love, Surviving the Legacy of Suicide

Hit Me With Music

Can music be the true equalizer?

Faith and Fiction, by Jennifer Haupt

Best-Selling Authors Tell What Keeps Them Writing

The Hand-Heart Connection

Making art can ease depression.

Must Poets Be Depressed?

Nope. Meet poets on Prozac.

Getting a Boost from Bach or the Beatles

Do you consider music to be therapy?

Art In Bed

If you're laid up, start knitting.

Make Art, Lose Weight?

It's harder to eat when you're covered in glitter.

A Picasso Can Heal You

Who's the artist and who's the psychiatrist?