Healthy Obsessions

Healthy Obsessions

Putting your all into a project helps it soar. Just try not to obsess at the expense of everything else.

Is the SAT an IQ Test?

Doing both at once, I'd say they're cousins.

Cultivating A Positive Addiction

How SAT anxiety developed into a morning essay writing ritual.

Why Do We Run?

Motivation & The Sawtooth Relay

How Does Your Teenage Son Feel About His Mom Taking the SAT? (and other FAQs)

Hint: It's not really about getting the "Perfect Score"

The Thing Inside You That's Holding You Back

What in our brains keeps us from reaching our full potential?

Stop it - You're not addicted to "The Bachelor"

Almost everyone I know has claimed themselves an addict at least once

Maybe You Only Need to Be Good at One Thing

I have a problem with GPA and other overall evaluations

What are the roots of the psychological obsession with culinaria?

Food porn addiction II: etiology and treatment.


A Diet Change in Mice Induces Deadly Psychopathology

Turning an exercise obsession into something healthier, by eating more

How eating well can increase performance and happiness.

My Super 8 Summer

The Super 8 movies I shot provided one avenue of escape.

Fixated on eBay

Why auctions draw us in.

What Kind of Lover Will He Be?

A cartoon about those tricky first dates.

Diet Soda Double Whammy

Can diet soda cause weight gain and diabetes?

Convert Your Obsessions into Productivity

Put your brain to work -- be productive, not just obsessive.

Is Obsession the Price of Fame?

Obsessiveness pays off, but has a huge cost.