Have You Been Misdiagnosed?

Have You Been Misdiagnosed?

Autism. Bipolar Disorder. Psychopathy. ADHD. It's important to seek help for problems. But in an age of insta-diagnosis, fixing something you don't really have can be as dangerous as letting it go.

Psychopathy in Unexpected Places

Hint: They may be at a desk near you.

My Ex Is a Narcissist

What's the difference between a sociopath and a frustrating ex?

The Illusions of American Psychiatry

Why our confidence is misplaced.

Is Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder a fad?

Pay attention to those struggling with inattention.

The Future of the American Mind

Is Nurse Ratched winning?

Personality Disorders: The DSM Roadmap

The DSM-V offers new criteria for personality disorders

DSM-5 Attempts to Sweep Porn Addiction Under the Rug

Time to acknowledge the link between sex and brain science

Is Bipolar the Disorder Du Jour?

Does bipolar really occur at twice the frequency in the USA?

Why You're More Normal than You Think

How psychiatrists pathologize sexuality and illness

Depression Is Depression

Pssst, post-natal depression is just depression

Psychosis: Who Is at Risk?

Normalcy, neurosis, and psychosis, and what is predictable.

Subthreshold Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar spectrum, a problematic concept

Is Food Addictive?

The fight over the meaning of addiction is now a food fight

Art and Mental Illness: Stop the Insanity!

Let's lay to rest the stereotypes about art and mental illness.

Do Nice Guys Finish Happiest?

Why increasing your kindness/altruism can increase happiness

Diagnosis Normal: Bright, Conflicted, and Out of Sync

When inner conflict is a sign of mental health

How to treat ADD

Mental health is a challenging field in Los Angeles.

“How I Recovered from Porn-related Erectile Dysfunction”

A 28-year old heals his chronic copulatory impotence.

Where Has All the Funding Gone for Suffering War Veterans?

Missing money and lack of social support for war veterans

Normalcy, Neurosis and Psychosis: What is a Mental Disorder?

Who determines what is "normal" and "abnormal"?

How Psychologists Can Help Correct DSM-V: A Response

Psychology must assert more influence regarding diagnosis and treatment.

Medicalization of the mind: The changing Alzheimer's guidelines

Diagnosis and misdiagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

A Rose by Any Other Diagnostic Name...

The dilemma of diagnosis within FASDs

Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is A Growing Problem

Internet porn appears to be "sex-negative" for many users.