Boost Your Bond

Boost Your Bond

Feeling Worthless in Your Relationship?

You might be praising your partner too much.

The Blame Game

Why pointing fingers only deepens your love rut.

10 Secrets of Compatible Couples

For starters, take an occasional break from routines.

How to Mend Your Relationship

What to do when you and your partner become your usual imperfect selves.

How to Optimize Your Relationship: The 70/70 Compromise

If there's a "magic bullet" for resolving couples conflict, what is it?

Keeping those romantic bonds alive

What makes long-term relationships last

Stop Criticizing Your Mate!--Or, How to Learn What You Already Know

What part of your courtship might be retrievable?

The Science of Effective Apologies

The science of apologies

The Neuroscience of Relationship Breakups

Is the Pain All in the Brain?

In Conversation With Jennifer Lauck

On self-protection, longing, childhood, loss, love...and more.

The Antidote to Anger and Frustration

The power of emotional validation

Melancholy Marriage: Are We in a Post-Romantic Era?

Low-conflict, low-stress melancholy marriages

The Lazy Way to Stay in Love

Steer your limbic system to sustain romance.

4 Common Phrases that Let You Know Your Spouse is Being Passive Aggressive

Fine. Whatever. And other signs of passive aggression in a marriage.

4 Essential Rules for Approaching Couples Conflict

How can you get your partner to be more responsive to your needs?

Reflective giving for a happier marriage

New research sheds light on giving and the modern marriage

The not-so-empty nest: Coping with kids back home

Boomerang kids: Do you know what your parents are up to when you're not home?

From Fantasy to Reality: The Top Six Ways That People Cheat on Their Partners

Six ways to identify and fix infidelity in long-term relationships

Eye of the Beholder

Are you willing to put a new frame around your loved ones?

The Monogamish Marriage

What if love on the side helps?

Strengthening Ties

10 ways to reinforce your connection

Digital Quickies

How texts can improve your love life

It's All About Communication

How to stop talking past each other

Stop Sabotaging Your Bond

Testing your partner creates rifts.