Too Many Choices!

Too Many Choices!

The Urge for Stuff Is Primal

Our ancestors strived to impress before money was invented.

Why Subliminal Ads Work

You're not immune to [read this!] mindgames.

The Heat of The Moment

Don't make decisions when you're turned on.

Choking on Choice?

Are you overwhelmed about choosing a career? How to be satisfied with your decisions.

Daydreams and Decision-Making Part II -- Decoding Hidden Meanings

Understanding hidden messages in daydreams can help with difficult decisions.

Difficult decision to make? Your daydreams can help!

Hard decisions to make? Let your daydreams help you!

Do you have a shoe fetish?

Buying new shoes isn't a need, it's a quest.

The Top Three Valentine's Day Pitfalls

How to withstand all the pressure and hype.

Your best defense against advertising may be your unconscious mind

Detecting and resisting persuasion can be automatic

Using your mind (and brain) to make healthier choices

Put on your thinking cap when you make food choices.

Pair Bonding 101: Beware Novelty-As-Aphrodisiac

How will you fill your pair-bonder “hole?”

Flocking to the Familiar under Stress

Falling back on familiar habits negatively affects performance under pressure

Quick Decisions Create Regret, Even When They’re Good Decisions

Good decisions made quickly feel like bad decisions.

The Magic Pull of eBay

Do auctions manipulate your emotions?

Don't Touch That!

Why we are more likely to buy things we've touched.

The Post-Recession Consumer

How will consumers spend when the recession is over?