Making Love Last: Top Tips on Relationships

Making Love Last: Top Tips on Relationships

How to Complain to Your Spouse

Without starting an argument

News on Risks & Benefits of Serious Relationships

New study on sexual risk taking in young male couples.

Keeping Marriage Alive with Affairs, Asexuality, More

Stretch marriage beyond recognition? Why not live single?

Hijacked by Hyperjealousy

When a partner sees threats that don't exist

You Don't Know Jack

Sometimes it's best to admit: I haven't a clue how relationships work

Dealing with Disappointment

Why we're conditioned to blame our partners for our unhappiness.

Love Is Not All You Need

Listening's important; so is teamwork

Can You Love without Trust?

The vital ingredient in any relationship

How Kids Can Save Your Marriage

Kids don't kill marriages; adults do.

"I Want a Baby and He Doesn't"

What to do when only one partner wants kids

The Counterintuitive Secret to a Glorious Relationship

The Counterintuitive Secret to a Glorious Relationship

Author Laura Dave: The First Husband

When do you really know he's the right one?

Fanning romance's flames at any age

What makes long-term relationships last

The Lazy Way to Stay in Love

Steer your limbic system to sustain romance.

Sexual Relationships Always Consist of 'Leftovers'

The elegance of sexual patterns in love relationships.

High Octane Relationships: What Makes Them Soar?

Tips for Happier and Healthier Relationships in Your High Octane Life

Special Needs Stress and Marriage. Can you have one without the other?

Managing therapy bills, parenting strategies and other marital challenges.

People Have Sex Within The Limits of Their Development

Sexual boredom is built into love relationships

How’s Your Relationship Brain?

Independence is an important ingredient in healthy relationships.

Author Claire Cook: The Master of Midlife Reinvention

Is your stuff weighing down your dreams?

Monogamy is social - not sexual

Marital happiness explained by neurotransmitters?

Sex Scandals and Healthy Sexuality

The number of ways sex can destabilize people seems endless.

An Uncanny Love Potion

Make sweet love without a goal

How Good Is Your Mating Intelligence?

Do you know how to pursue?

Dating after Divorce

First, toss out the anger

Can You Road-Test a Relationship?

How living together affects love's success

Chemistry Lessons

What Cupid can learn from science

A Penchant for Porn

Sometimes the problem isn't what it seems

The Other Half of Success

Are you jealous of your partner's career?