Breaking Up

Breaking Up

Weren't We Good Together?

Acknowledging the sadness of splits

Mom and Dad Have Something to Tell You

Talking to kids about divorce

The Real Divorce Rate

Why the odds aren't one in two

The Breakup Text Message

A look at the increasing prevalence of digital dumping.

The older women, younger men cartoon

A new love affair after a breakup is like opening a bottle of vintage wine.

Rekindling an Old Flame—or Not

Getting back together with an ex may be a bad idea.

Cinematherapy for Breakups: 20 Movies

Movies as "breakup therapy"...a great idea.

What to do when you're dumped

Should you wait, mourn, or move on?

How to Get Through a Break-up

Here are some suggestions about how to recover from a break-up

Should You Break Up Or Make Up?

8 insights for deciding to break up or make up!

The Mend of the Affair

Coming clean doesn't mean breaking up.

Break-up Ethics

A moral argument to plan your rebound?

Remembering the Good

A split shouldn't negate fond memories.

When the End is Violent

What drives a man to kill his wife?

Forgiving Your Partner

It takes work to avoid a rift.

What's the Best Way to Break Up?

Incremental endings vs. quick splits

Dear Spouse, The Marriage Is Over

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.