Battling Addiction

Battling Addiction

Why Cigarette Warnings Backfire

For hardcore smokers, scaring doesn't work.

Why Anthony Weiner Is Not a Sex Addict (Nor Bill Clinton)

Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton do not meet the criteria for sex addiction

Beyond Abstinence

Moderate drinking can work for those with a history of abuse.

Blinded by Biochemistry

Why our definition of addiction matters

To Lose the Weight, You Gotta Change How You Relate (to Food)

Why behavioral skills are the key to long-term weight loss

Avoidance, Sobriety and Reality: The Psychology of Addiction

The antidote to addiction is learning to tolerate reality.

The Myth of “Addictiveness”

In addiction, things are often not what they seem.

Aristotle and Addiction

Can Aristotle help us to think about the nature of addiction?

The search for sexual sanity continues

Sometimes it doesn't seem to be just about sex.

Substance Use: Escaping or Embracing Life?

The difference between use and abuse may be attitude.

DSM-5 Attempts to Sweep Porn Addiction Under the Rug

Time to acknowledge the link between sex and brain science

The Hardest Addictions to Quit

And love is the worst!

Are You Exiting the Gene Pool Due to Low Sperm Count or ED?

Today’s ejaculation advice may be wrong for our species

Addiction: A Zen Perspective

The Zen of Addiction

Is Gambling Addictive?

Gambling, unlike drinking, has no redeeming social value

Do Gifted Adolescents Drink As Often As Their Peers?

When do smart people start drinking?

The Slippery Slope of Social Smoking

Suddenly, you're up to two packs a day

The Neuroscience of Relationship Breakups

Is the Pain All in the Brain?

Understanding the Continuum of Addiction and the Addictive Personality

Just because you're not drinking doesn't mean that you're sober.