You and Food: Tortured Love or Healthy Union?

Get Creative, Lose Weight, Find Flow & Happiness

By Susan K Perry Ph.D.
And now for something completely different: sexy veggies?!

Eat Local and Laugh: Food and a Well-Lived Life

By The Psychoanalysis 3.0 Writing Group
Finding a psychologically sustainable way to eat

Using your mind (and brain) to make healthier choices

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
Put on your thinking cap when you make food choices.

Dieting Can Make You Lose Your Mind

By Emily Deans M.D.
Considering calorie restriction to lose weight? Read this post first

Should Obesity Be Called a Mental Illness?

By Paula J. Caplan Ph.D.
Relationships between obesity and emotion

To Lose the Weight, You Gotta Change How You Relate (to Food)

By Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.
Why behavioral skills are the key to long-term weight loss

Are Pesticides Killing Our Fertility?

By Naveed Saleh M.D., M.S.
Studies suggest an association between decreased fertility and pesticide use.

Dieting Can Make You Lose Your Mind Part 2

By Emily Deans M.D.
Semi-starvation in Arizona at Biosphere 2

Arthritis and Food: Pain Relief Through Mastication?

By Mark Borigini M.D.
And the calorie count is not so bad either.

Has Evolution Trained Our Brains to Gorge on Food and Sex?

By Marnia Robinson
Can dopamine receptors reveal clues about binging?

Real Housewives & Black Swan: Too Rich & Too Thin?

By Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.
Do money and beauty lead to happiness?

Diets and Eating Disorders in a YouTube World

By F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W.
Dieters inevitably put on weight. But who listens?

Women Perform Worse When Focusing on Their Looks

By Nathan A Heflick Ph.D.
Self-objectification hinders womens' performance

A question of stigma

By Carrie Arnold
Eating disorders are a biologically-based mental illness.

Why I Avoid Mirrors

By Anneli Rufus
Does your reflection hurt?

Is Maria Shriver Anorexic?

By Sheila Himmel
In the current crisis, an old question arises.

Skinny Sweepstakes

By Hara Estroff Marano
Dieting has become a competitive sport on college campuses, as the number of women increases.

Do Anorexics Ever Recover?

By Lauren Grunebaum L.C.S.W.
It's a battle, but many truly win it.


By Susan Albers Psy.D.
Body image issues aren't just for women

Orthorexia: Too Healthy?

By Erik Strand
An obsessive concern with healthy eating can often lead to social isolation.

I Didn't Choose to Starve Myself

By Lauren Grunebaum L.C.S.W.
Anorexia was my voice and my prison.

Plagued by Body Image Issues?

By David Garner
The results of a national survey show you're not alone.

Hope for Suffering Teens

By Harriet Brown
How families can ease anorexia

The Twinkie Diet

By Susan Albers Psy.D.
Being mindful of how much you eat matters.

Help for Emotional Eaters

By Susan Albers Psy.D.
The latest resources