The Demise of Bin Laden and the Future of Terrorism

September 11: Eliciting Terror or Anger?

By Douglas T. Kenrick Ph.D.
An act of terror may bring feelings of anxiety and fear, yet the reaction was primarily anger

Closure: Will this Effect the Way We Feel?

By Sam Sommers
Why bin Laden's death still matters so much 10 years later.

What Bin Laden's Death Means for Our Kids

By Jenny Lind Schmitt
The Really Bad Guy is no more.

Lies, loyalty, and fear

By Gordon S Livingston M.D.
I returned from Vietnam believing that nobody owed me anything.

The 9/11 Generation Speaks

By Nassir Ghaemi M.D., M.P.H.
Why American youth celebrated

Did Social Media Cause Osama bin Laden’s and al Qaeda Popularity Plunge?

By Tamara J Hicks Psy.D.
Institutions or groups of politicians aren't controlling what we hear.

The Bin Laden Story Isn't True

By Stanton Peele Ph.D.
The bin Laden assassination narrative was created to make us feel good

The dark side of vengeance

By David Niose
Revenge is sweet, but should it be?

Bin Laden’s Death: What would Gandhi and Dr. King Say?

By Marietta McCarty
Bin Laden’s death does not mark a “good day for America.”

Why Do We Lie in Wars? - You Tell Me

By Stanton Peele Ph.D.
Portraying death and killing as heroic requires artifice

Talking OBL - Tough Topics and our Families

By Janine Driver
World events: How much is too much information for kids?

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy

By Karen E. Dill-Shackleford Ph.D.
Understanding the Bin Laden news reports using social networking

A Positive Psychology Perspective on the 9/11 Families & Bin Laden's Death

By Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.
Bin Laden's Death Changes the Trauma Narrative of 9/11

The Problem of Evil (Part 1): Osama bin Laden and Passion Chimpanzee

By Dale Peterson Ph.D.
Are only people capable of evil?

A Final Message from Osama bin Laden

By David Ropeik
Is there a bit of him, in all of us?

Closure That Isn't

By Michael J Formica MS, MA, EdM
Our rage now has no face

Myths about the Meaning of Bin Laden's Death

By Paula J. Caplan Ph.D.
Vengeance does not bring solace

Bullets versus Democracy?

By George Michelsen Foy
A trial would have been good

A Moral Thought on Bin Laden's Exit

By Jessica Pryce-Jones
Monsters get slain: love and justice win the day