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Unfinished forever: David Foster Wallace's latest novel.

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Who's Obsessed With Technology--And Why?

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How to treat ADD

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Mental health is a challenging field in Los Angeles.

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You can't be grateful and disappointed at same time.

7 Tips to help a Distracted Child

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These simple tips will help a child who is distracted.

The Price, and Myth, of Multi-tasking

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Performance Enhancement

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Performance Enhancement: Increase Attention, Motivation and Confidence

Overloaded and Distracted in a Frenzied World

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How much you remember is not the most important thing

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5 Fallacies that Fuel Addiction to Technology

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How technology impacts our productivity, performance, and relationships.

Don’t Let Media Rule Your World

By Mark Bertin M.D.
Media is to Child Development What Dessert Is to Nutrition