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ADHD, Coach

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Robert Pal

ADHD, Coach

The A.D.D. Group

Learn solutions to your specific A.D.D. challenges in a supportive 5 week adult group. The purpose of The A.D.D. Group is to teach you a process and an approach that will help you eliminate or reduce the negative impact of your ADD symptoms. Over the 5-weeks you will create, test and modify solutions to issues you might be facing in time management, focus, communication, relationships, stress, planning, initiating tasks & maintaining effort through to completion. Group facilitated by: Robert Pal, ADHD Coach & Dr. Mayer Hoffer, Psychiatrist ADHD Specialist For Group dates:

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Issues: ADHD

Age: Adults


400 Walmer Road
Unit 121
Toronto, ON M5P
(855) 999-1753

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