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DBT for Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders
DBT for Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders
Hosted by: Irina Mirazizyan

DBT for Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

Irina Mirazizyan
Hosted by: Irina Mirazizyan
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Are you having difficulty enjoying your every day life due to ongoing symptoms of anxiety and overwhelm? It’s time to take ACTION. Picture a life where overwhelming anxiety becomes a conquerable challenge, where you harness your inner resilience, master your emotions, and have a more nurturing and supportive relationship with yourself. Our carefully crafted 8-week skills-based group is enriched with the wisdom of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and is your compass on this transformative path. In this group, you will build effective coping skills to overcome symptoms of anxiety using Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

Group Details

Session Cost

$40 - $50

Group Meets

Every Wed 7 P.M. - 8:30 P.M.



Types of Therapy

Dialectical Behavior (DBT) 


Email Irina Mirazizyan about this group or call - (647) 699-3227
Let's Connect (647) 699-3227

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Last Modified: 6 Sep 2023