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12 week ADHD Bootcamp for Adults
12 week ADHD Bootcamp for Adults
Hosted by: Dallas Davidson

12 week ADHD Bootcamp for Adults

Dallas Davidson
Hosted by: Dallas Davidson
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This virtual group is for people who: already have a diagnosis of ADHD or agree that they struggle with the symptoms of ADHD, for people who know about the impacts of living lives that are unhealthy – but maybe aren’t able to sustain their changes, for people who understand they do not have the skills to: tackle limiting habits and behaviours, setting goals and achieving them, estimating how much time it will take to complete tedious tasks and for those who forget or are overwhelmed with their to-do lists or other commitments. Starting next groups up in Sept 2023

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Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) 


Email Dallas Davidson about this group or call - (867) 292-0768
Let's Connect (867) 292-0768

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Last Modified: 8 Jul 2023