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What would a Christian therapist help with?

Some Christian counsellors may incorporate faith-based principles of behaviour into psychotherapy and draw guidance from biblical writings. Such an approach may be particularly helpful to those encountering marital difficulties or family problems, experiencing prolonged grief, struggling with substance use, or questioning their life purpose or their faith. Like most licensed therapists, christian counselors and therapists are skilled in an array of therapeutic modalities to help people manage the emotional difficulties and personal challenges that can arise in everyday life.

What would be an area of expertise for a Christian therapist?

Every therapist is different, and their expertise may derive from the type of therapy they choose to practice or the clientele with whom they primarily work. Christian therapists may be familiar with the types of struggles individuals may have related to faith, to family and other relationships, to sexuality, and all other aspects of life. Their Christian background may provide a welcome sense of safety for clients—an assurance of shared values—and contribute to an especially strong bond between client and therapist, both of which facilitate the therapeutic process.

Why might someone seek a Christian therapist?

People of all belief systems can experience periods of mental and emotional turmoil. A Christian therapist may be especially helpful to those who seek a clinician with whom they feel culturally and spiritually aligned. A Christian therapist would readily understand how religion, values and cultural upbringing can be a huge part of a person’s identity, and could be important factors to discuss in therapy.

What to look for in a Christian therapist?

It is important to find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable, who is responsive to questions and concerns, and who can communicate effectively with you. Choosing a therapist who is familiar with Christian principles and shares important values can help those of faith to speak freely about troubling thoughts, feelings, and experiences. In addition, it is important to determine that the therapist has undergone training and certification in a number of treatment modalities, as it offers assurance that the therapist is in command of a wide range of tools to treat the many ways psychological challenges can affect a person’s life.