Mindfulness Support Practice

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Mindfulness Support Practice

MBCT. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. Mindfulness helps us to relate differently to 'all' psychological and physical challenging situations and conditions, such as depression stress and anxiety. Helps us to calm the mind and body and to be more present in our lives. Research has proven that regular mindfulness practice can even improve our neurochemistry affecting the functioning of the brain. This cognitive therapeutic approach using mindfulness helps identify negative thought patterns often related to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, reducing emotional reactivity Opening us to more constructive beliefs, often leading to changes in moods and behaviours. As a group we practice integrating different mindfulness techniques.

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Age: Adults


Alan Davis
746 Brock Ave,
Toronto, ON M6H
(647) 977-5892

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Photo of Alan Davis, DCTP, MTC, Counsellor in Toronto
Mindfulness Support Practice
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