Michael F. Kay

Michael F. Kay is President of Financial Life Focus, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Livingston, NJ. A financial professional for over 25 years, Michael began his career as an accountant, later shifting his focus to personal financial planning. After earning his certificate of financial planning at New York University, he returned as an adjunct professor, teaching taxation in their CFP Certification program.

Michael also studied with life planning pioneers Carol Anderson (Money Quotient) and George Kinder (The Kinder Institute of Life Planning) and employs the skills and concepts of Financial Life Planning with his clients. He is a frequent presenter at Money Quotient trainings and often speaks at industry events and public forums on financial planning. In addition to his Psychology Today blog, Michael also writes for Forbes.com and Advisorbiz.com. He is the author of The Business of Life: An "Inside-Out" Approach to Building a More Successful Financial Planning Practice (Advisor Press, November, 2010).

Author of

Financial Life Focus

The Financial Life Focus blog is devoted to looking at the life events - both big and small - and understanding the financial ramifications.

At my firm, Financial Life Focus, LLC, we recognize that life events and life transitions are normal and we help our clients deal with the related financial issues. Using our Financial Life Planning process, we listen, discuss and offer options and strategies to address whatever situations may arise.


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