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During COVID 19 we will be providing A FREE divorce education EXPERIENCE to the public.

Whether you're dealing with an healthy or narcissistic ex, an amicable or nasty break-up, intelligent strategies make a huge difference. Dr. Banschick has been featured in Psychology Today, The New York Times, The Huffington Post,, as well as on The CBS Early Show.

The Intelligent Divorce Book series features ways to protect kids affected by divorce.

And, Mark's Free Video Course is now available for the public, teaching essential skills that enable parents to deal more effectively with their ex spouse and raise healthy kids during a divorce and during hard times.

It is called The Intelligent Divorce.

Mark Banschick, MD is a child and adolescent psychiatrist with training at Georgetown Univeristy Hospital in Washington, DC, and New York Weil/Columbia Presbysterian Medical Center in New York City. He has a private practice in Katonah, New York.

Author of

The Intelligent Divorce

The Intelligent Divorce Project looks at helping parents and kids to get through divorce.  The project includes two books called The Intelligent Divorce, an online parenting course, and a radio show,

Recently, we have been teaching about relationships and marriages our unique perspective. In other words, what the study of divorce can teach us about successful relationships.

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